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Recent Pojects

Residential Construction

This is the construction of the upper floor of the residential construction at Ajah town. The construction is completed.

Interior Works at ajah town

This is our interior finish of doors, baths and floor finish at Ajah town.

Who We are

S.O.B.Steel Construction Limited was incorporated in March 2001 under the business name class which was upgraded as a limited liability in 2010.We are also involved in steel works with detailed infrastructure like tower erection, shelterreticulation, and piping works for fuel tanks, designing and installation of cell site for GSM, CDMA, TDMA, civil works and other telecommunication microwave support services.

Meet the SOB Management Team

Bankole Brown

Customer Reviews

Good Decision

We long desire a reliable steel and fabrication company and we got it right. Working with S.O.B has been wonderful.
Aina Hakeem Southfield Communication

High Performance

Everything about S.O.B is right: highperformance delivered.
Aina Hakeem Southfield Communication

Awesome Design

Choosing S.O.B for my estate constructions is a wise choice
Aina Hakeem Southfield Communication