The New Normal

The New Normal

Posted Date: 23.July.2015
It is amazing how Divorce and Separation have become the new normal. The couple you rejoiced with at their fabulous society wedding, fast forward six months down the line; you meet one of them and you ask how is your husband/wife and the response is, without fear or trembling "oh it didn't work out, so we are divorced".

I understand that feeling, especially within the first few months of sleeping, eating and waking up together. Where you realise "Oh my goodness, I am sure he was pretending all along" or "oh gracious God, so all that packaging was fluke". And at that point calling it quits seems acceptable and tolerable.

Wanting to just have children and not stay married or be married is now an acceptable norm. It is now okay to say I want children but I donít want to be married. That was never the plan for family, but in our fast paced society anything is allowed and acceptable.

Guess what, who ever said marriage was a walk in the park. It is two hearts saying on your wedding day "I am taking this step of faith with you. I don't know what lies ahead for both of us; I donít know who you will become, as we are both a work in progress. One thing is for sure I am staying committed to us". That is the vow.

Divorce was never in the original plan for marriage, hence it can never be an acceptable new normal.